Ekin Erkan

philosopher, Editor, and Researcher in New York, NY

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Ekin Erkan is a Turkish philosopher who publishes in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, German Idealism (Kant & Hegel), and aesthetics. Below are links to Erkan's recently published work:

"Categorial Inference and Convert Realism: Structuring Ontology Via Nomological Axiomatics", Axiomathes: Where Science Meets Philosophy (2021)

"Modeling the Theory-Form: Beyond the Elements of Observational Postulation", Contemporary Pragmatism 18.2 (2021), 154–186.

"Transcendental Conditions, Schematism, and Naturalizing Kant’s “I think”", Estudos Kantianos 9.1 (2021), 121-162

"Reason and Experience in Mendelssohn and Kant", International Journal of Philosophical Studies (2021)

"Barwich, A. S. (2020). Smellosophy: What the Nose Tells the Mind", Perception (2021), pp 1-3

"Béatrice Longuenesse and Ned Block Vide Kant", Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 17.1 (2021), pp 405-452.

"A Critique of Representationalism In Heidegger and Sellars", Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 17.1 (2021), pp 365-404.

"Kant's Transcendental Deduction: A Cosmology of Experience", Philosophy in review 14.1 (2021), pp 29-36.

"Consensus Vide Convention, William James: Empiricism and Pragmatism", CT&T 3.2 (2021), pp 197-211.

"Mentality and Object: Computational and Cognitive Diachronic Emergence", Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 16.2 (2020), pp 296-356.

"A Promethean Philosophy of External Technologies, Empiricism, & the Concept: Second-Order Cybernetics, Deep Learning, and Predictive Processing", Media Theory Journal 4.1 (2020), pp 87–146.

"Nahum Brown, Hegel on Possibility: Dialectics, Contradiction, and Modality", pli: Warwick Journal of Philosophy 32 (2020).

"The Inhuman Overhang: On Differential Heterogenesis and Multi-Scalar Modeling", La Deleuziana 11 (2020), pp 202–235.

"Freedom, Resentment, and the Metaphysics of Morals by Pamela Hieronymi (review)", The Review of Metaphysics 74.1 (2020), pp 150-153.

"The First Person in Cognition and Morality by Béatrice Longuenesse (review)", The Review of Metaphysics 73.4 (2020), pp 846-848.

"Béatrice Longuenesse, I, Me, Mine: Back to Kant and Back Again", Croatian Journal of Philosophy 20.3 (2020), pp 513-516.

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Following there is what Ekin Erkan has splendidly called 'Kolozova’s Marxian vigor'..."
Philip Beitchman, "The Philo-Fictions of Katerina Kolozova"
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