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philosopher, Editor, and Researcher in New York, NY

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Ekin Erkan is a Turkish writer in philosophy of mind, technology, aesthetics, computation, language and science. Below are links to Erkan's recently published work:

The Inhuman Overhang La Deleuziana 11 (2020)

The First Person in Cognition and Morality, The Review of Metaphysics 73.4 (2020)

Cinema/politics/philosophy New Review of Film and Television Studies (2020)

The Post-Human Media Semblance, Rhizomes 36 (2020)

Post-Continental Naturalism, Rhizomes 36 (2020)

Tristan Garcia’s Electric Ontology, Rhizomes 36 (2020)

Against the Virtual Cosmos and History 16:1 (2020)

Apperceptive Patterning Cosmos and History 16:1 (2020)

From organic subjectivity to internal reality, Radical Philosophy 2.7 (2020)

The Depth Conditions of Possibility", Theory & Event 23.2 (2020)

Jean-Louis Schefer's The Ordinary Man of Cinema, Comparative Cinema 8:14 (2020)

On New Authoritarianism and its Historical Ontology, Barricade (2020).

Review of Failure, Media Theory Journal (2020)

The Call of Being, Labyrinth 21.2 (2020)

On Action-Oriented Predictive Patterning, Plutonics (2020)

Omnicide, Philosophy East and West 69.4 (2020)

Laruelle Qua Stiegler, Identities 16.1-2, (2019)

Control societies and machine ecology Cultural Studies, 33:6 (2019)

European Cinema and Continental Philosophy, Alphaville (2019)

On Laruelle and the Radical Dyad, Cultural Logic 23 (2019)

Technology as the God-Command, Labyrinth 21:1 (2019)

David Lapoujade’s Powers of Time, Media Theory (2019)

Psychopower and Ordinary Madness, Cosmos and History (2019)

Unveiling Thomas Moynihan's Spinal Catastrophism, Cosmos and History 15:1 (2019)

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What some may not recognize is that this title is a play on “A Certain Tendency of the French Cinema,” by Francois Truffaut – a critique of the pre-New Wave mode of cinema. Keen little critique even at the title – fantastic article and I would expect no less from the likes of Ekin Erkan, one of the most interesting emerging young scholars of philosophy, technology, science and aesthetics
C. Abrams, Harvard University
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