Ekin Erkan

Art Critic, Art History Researcher, and Philosopher in New York, NY

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Ekin Erkan is a Turkish philosopher, art critic, and art history researcher. Erkan's research in philosophy and his work in aesthetics are anchored in Kant & Hegel's theoretical philosophy. Erkan's area of concentration in art history is currently on revisionist histories of 20th century Abstract Expressionism and how the story of the State Department's co-optation of Abstract Expressionism relates to the utopian (viz. “California Ideology") self-conception of nascent internet art (exemplified by NetTime listservs of the late 1990s and early aughts) and its eventual co-optation by commodity capital (e.g., NFTs, the uniform flat aesthetics of ”corporate Memphis", and the machinations of the “big five” digital oligopolies).

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Following there is what Ekin Erkan has splendidly called 'Kolozova’s Marxian vigor'..."
Philip Beitchman, "The Philo-Fictions of Katerina Kolozova"
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